Growing organic products at the office has never been so easy with wall-mounted Herbert, a mini vertical garden for your breakout area.

Herbert is an innovative product that will quickly revolutionise the breakout area of your office. More than a green wall, Herbert is a smart wall-mounted garden that can host up to 15 plants. 

This effortless gardening system lets you grow organic food from the comfort of your own office, be it fresh salad every 4-5 days, herbs or even strawberries.

Originally designed for the home, we think Herbert would also be a great fit for the breakout area of your cool office. 

Herbert mini vertical garden to grow your own vegetables

Simple, clean and efficient, Herbert is the brainchild of Ponix Systems and was funded on Kickstarter within 6 hours.

How does it work? Rather than cultivating plants in soil, the hydroponic gardening system uses a nutrient solution to grow your products. All you have to do is put a seed into one of the biodegradable sponges (also used by NASA), and place it in Herbert. Add water and bio mineral fertilizer to the tank and watch your food grow. As simple as putting a coffee capsule into your Nespresso machine.

instructions on how to grow your own vegetables at the office

From lettuce, through basil, to chilis, this mini-vertical garden allows you to grow organic vegetables, fruits and herbs at the office. Herbert is available in beechwood or poplar wood and is guaranteed to bring a splash of colour to your office.

What's more, there is a free app for Android and iOS that will guide you through the growing process and allow you to adjust your lighting settings to suit your needs.

watch your plants grow
vertical vegetable garden for the office
fresh vegetables at work

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