Designed with the open-plan office in mind, Knoll's Rockwell Unscripted Furniture is the epitome of modular furniture.

Drawing inspiration from his background in theatre and set design, architect and designer David Rockwell recently created Unscripted furniture – a broad collection of modular furniture that promotes a community culture and activity-based working. 

Designed for US brand Knoll, Rockwell Unscripted furniture gives companies the freedom to reconfigure their workspace ad infinitum, converting the open-plan office into stage sets. 

modular furniture for Knoll

Knoll's Rockwell Unscripted furniture collection includes over 30 items in six product categories. From acoustic dividers and tables, through soft seating and modular storage units, to steps and accessories, Knoll's largest launch to date offers everything you might need for your upcoming office fit-out

Rockwell telly screen office dividers

What sets Knoll's Unscripted collection apart from other modular furniture brands is the sheer speed with which employees can divide up their open-plan office to create workspaces for focus work, small gatherings or conference meetings. 

rockwell's unscripted office furniture

The modular furniture collection includes freestanding units as well as pieces that can be wheeled where needed.  It also provides a range of multipurpose furniture elements that help delineate the space.

For example, Rockwell Unscripted modular storage units can serve as functional room dividers as well as creative tool boxes and even conversation board holders. Fully customizable, the A-frame units can also become coat racks and lockers. 

modular unit with an integrated desk
Office with an A-frame modular storage unit

Similarly, Rockwell Unscripted Steps can be used to outline impromptu breakout areas and informal meeting spaces. They can even accommodate whole-group presentations or projections. 

Composed of tiered boxes of varying shapes, these wooden steps can be arranged and moved on the spot according to the users' needs. 

Rockwell's unscripted furniture for breakout area

Knoll's Rockwell Unscripted furniture launch coincides with the demise of the traditional open-plan office and the rise of activity-based working. Very much in line with the needs and aspirations of Generation Y, the smart office furniture collection allows for a versatile office where privacy isn't compromised for collaboration. 

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