Ketra can add some natural light to your dark office

Since the invention of Ketra, natural light in the darkest corners of your cavernous office is no longer a pipe dream. 

This post is the second of a three-part series on workplace innovations. 

With its high-tech, dynamic LED technology, Ketra brings natural light into the built environment – not only that, it lets you control it with a flexible, fully integrated lighting and controls solution.

What makes it so different from some of its biggest contenders? It uses LED bulbs not only to emit light but also to receive it. This means an ever-changing, fluid lighting scheme that varies according to the time, your mood or the task at hand.

Ketra light inside RGA headquarters
Digital agency R/GA's 200,000-square-foot office in New York uses over 8,000 smart Ketra bulbs. By Foster And Partners

Founded in 2009 and led by Nav Sooch, lighting startup Ketra is focused on large-scale business installations and high-end offices are getting more and more curious about the promise of natural light. The list includes advertising giant R/GA, MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Tiffany's in New York, The Art Institute of Chicago, Squarespace...

Squarespace New York office
Website builder Squarespace's New York office features Ketra lighting

The smart LED bulbs have begun to reshape modern offices and although they come at a price (each individual bulb costs as much as $100), they offer a solution to a problem that is all-to-common in the workplace: lack of natural lighting. Add the ability to control colour and intensity from a single application, and you've got yourself an office filled with potential.

Ketra lighting inside the Chicago art institute
The Art Institute of Chicago's first all-LED gallery uses Ketra bulbs

Emotional Light by Arturo Alvarez: sculptural lamps for a trendier office

Somewhere between sculpture and lamp, Emotional Light is as poetic as it is innovative – a combination that may well stand out in your office reception. 

One of the most talked-about displays at the Euroluce lighting fair this year has been Arturo Alvarez's lighting, inspired by nature and designed to evoke emotions. 

The exhibition, part of Milan's famous Salone del Mobile 2017, featured seven of Alvarez's collections, including a shell-shaped ceiling light and a floor lamp reminiscent of a brittle bird-nest. 

Although it was originally designed for homes, we think Arturo Alvarez's lighting has its place in the workplace too.

arturo alvarez conversas
Arturo Alvarez conversas

Poetic and playful at once, his lamps distinguish themselves through the use of patented SIMETECH®, a handcrafted material composed of a stainless steel mesh coated in silicone. Highly malleable, this mesh allows its designer to unleash its creativity and add a sculptural depth to his work.

This resulted in highly innovative, elegant and contemporary lighting solutions which, if placed strategically throughout your office, could leave a good impression on both employees and potential prospects. And since first impressions are the most lasting, we can already picture a set of the Pili pendant lights pictured below, hanging over the waiting area of your reception area.

Pili pendant lights Arturo Alvarez
Two Pili lamps lend some warmth in a concrete interior

If you want to set yourself apart and be considered as a modern, design-led workplace that also oozes personality, you should opt for state-of-the-art lighting that is sophisticated and down-to-earth at the same time. Not an easy balance to strike!

Pili table lamp Arturo Alvarez
Pili table lamp Arturo Alvarez
Onn wall light Arturo Alvarez
Onn ceiling light Arturo Alvarez
Ura pendant lights Arturo Alvarez
Ura painted steel mesh lamps Arturo Alvarez
Encontros Arturo Alvarez
encontros Arturo Alvarez
Opening image: Blum wall lamp, Arturo Alvarez