An office receptions that features a green wall will not only set your space apart, it will also speak to the green tenant.

It is a well-known fact that being around nature reduces stress. Ironically, it is also a well-known fact that an overwhelming majority of us spend most of our days stuck inside, bathed in the wonderful blue light of our computers.

But what if you could get the best of both worlds by bringing the outside in to liven up the common spaces of your office?

office reception with living wall
A vertical garden serves as backdrop to the reception. Photo by jingdianjiaju2

Living walls are not new, in fact, variations of them have existed for centuries, from the wondrous Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the ‘climbing plants’ phenomenon in the beginning of the twentieth century.

Today, they are also known as green walls, vertical gardens or Vegetated Complex Walls (VCW) and they have been growing in popularity ever since renowned French botanist Patrick Blanc invented the modern concept of the vertical garden (Mur Végétal).

office lobby with green walls
Dynamic green wall in the office reception of high-tech company Verint. Settler Architects

Green walls have been around for a while. But what about indoor living walls? Far from ubiquitous in the workplace, living walls remain on the rise and are guaranteed to liven up your office reception, lift lobby or or breakout area. 

And the benefits don't stop there. A green wall at the office makes for a healthier environment by regulating humidity levels and improving air quality. Not only that, it can also increase the property value of your office by conveying a modern and forward-thinking image.

That's not all.

office lobby boasts green wall
A touch of nature in Microsoft's Vienna HQ. INNOCAD Architekur

Vertical gardens can also improve the acoustics of a room. Just like exterior living walls dampen the noise pollution in busy cities, indoor living walls have significant sound insulation potential.

Of course, living walls can also be great marketing tools to promote a sustainable image that will speak directly to the green customer.

The impact of vertical gardens in your office reception is significant, but what if you were to introduce some greenery in your office washroom?

Living walls and restrooms are an almost unheard of combination and yet, commercial washrooms could benefit a lot from improved air quality and regulated humidity levels. Such progressive, ecological feature is also bound to increase the property value of an office space.

Think about it.

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