Meet BASE - a customisable, multi-functional, magnetic desk that will set your office apart and increase staff efficiency. 

Smart, cutting-edge and in keeping with the modern worker's needs, BASE is a versatile desk with a simple but clever design element: a magnetic edge.

A steel rail runs around the edge of the desk, allowing you to clip, unclip and move all dedicated magnetic accessories anywhere you like along the edge of the desk.

Similar to hooks, these accessories come in all shapes and sizes and allow you to hang your bag, store your documents in folders and place your cup in a holder to avoid the dreaded spill.

magnetisk multifunctional office desk

No more stacks of documents, entangled charging cables and coffee stains on your desk – this magnetic desk puts an end to clutter and allows for a clean, nuanced workspace and a clear mindset.

Currently, there are six clip-on accessories available with many more in the works. The designers are also planning to release 3D data for users to be able to create their own accessories.

desk with flexible dividers

The BASE desk also comes with bespoke partitions that can be attached anywhere along the back or folded in half to fit around the corner of the magnetic desk. This feature makes BASE an ideal desk for busy open-plan offices where the need for private and collaborative spaces can vary from one day to the next.

Base desk with low partitions

Designed by Japanese studio NuAns, BASE was introduced to the market during the Milan Design Week where we had the chance to see its clever features for ourselves (and play with the magnets, of course.)

desk with cup holder
briefcase holder magnetic edge desk
base magnetci desk
All photography via NuAns

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