They may be small, but their importance isn't to be underestimated, for loos with views can lead to increased property value. 

washroom over glass floor
Toilet perched over a disused 15-story elevator shaft, Mexico 

Whether it be in the workplace, retail or hospitality, washrooms are a key expression of the company values. Organisations that value and understand the power of first impressions will go above and beyond to impress. High-end washroom countertops, top-notch fixtures and spectacular views all show your attention to detail and highlight your level of commitment. Believe it or not, loos with views command higher rent too. 


To inspire and convince you, here is a roundup of some of the most unusual of toilets, boasting the most striking of views. Be it in an office building, a public facilities, or a seemingly inconspicuous coffee shops, loos with views are there to steal the show. 

We have a personal preference (hint, it involves two-way mirrors), but what is yours? Share your favourite on our Twitter page.

The toilets inside The Shard boast stunning views of London
urinals inside the Shard
Because it wouldn't be fair, the gents at the Shard enjoy similar London views as the ladies
loos with views inside commerzbank HQ
Commerzbank headquarters: urinals with a view over Frankfurt
urinal with a view in Japan
The JR Tower in Japan is equipped with panoramic urinals
washroom in aquarium
Mumin Papa café - the women's bathroom is built into an aquarium, Akashi, Japan. 
two-mirror public toilet
Don't Miss A Sec', two-way mirror glass public toilet in London, Monica Bonvicini
Inside a two-way mirror toilet
Don't Miss A Sec', two-way mirror glass public toilet in London, Monica Bonvicini

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