A peek inside Swatch Group Moscow’s office washrooms

  Colourful, bold and brimming with character, the office washrooms at Swatch Group Moscow make a statement about the company’s creative background. Swiss manufacturer Swatch Group is famous for its luxury brand watches and attention to detail and as such, ABD architects were entrusted with the task of creating new offices where elegance meets clean design.

Cowork, colive, collaborate – an ode to shared spaces

  More than just shared spaces, coworking and coliving spaces promote shared values. It is no coincidence that “co words” have been mushrooming in recent years. Today, coworking, coliving, co-housing and collaborating are on everyone’s lips. This collaborative model of working and living is nothing but the reflection of a modern society growing around shared

Urinal design: flush with possibilities

  At first glance, urinals do not appear to offer particularly fertile ground for design discussions, especially in the workplace. However, there is a lot to be said about a fixture that was not always ubiquitous in the workplace. First patented in 1866, the urinal has drastically evolved since Andrew Rankin was credited as its

7 tips to make your coworking space more profitable

  Everyone should earn a profit from their work and co-working operators are no exception. This is easier said than done, of course. Profitable business ideas are not easy to come by. The good news is, if you want to open a profitable coworking space, or increase your profit, someone has already laid the groundwork for

Austrian designer Katharina Eisenkoeck

Republic interviews Austrian designer Katharina Eisenkoeck

  Austrian designer Katharina Eisenkoeck talks about her love of sensuous materials – a love that shines through objects endowed with poetry and contrasts. Katharina Eisenkoeck is a designer-maker whose practice involves furniture and product making with a sculptural simplicity and functionality influenced by the distinct use of materials. The Austrian designer shows a great interest in

How to liven up your office reception using copper

  Shimmering or weathered, polished or textured, man’s oldest metal will bring elegance and warmth into your office reception. A well-designed office reception is never an accident. But why is your reception area so important? Why should you invest time and money in it and what is so fascinating about copper? The answer is simple. The reception area

Co-living for boomers – or why the senior cohousing market is bound to boom

  If co-living appeals to Generation Y, why wouldn’t it appeal to senior citizens who grant just as much importance to a sociable lifestyle as millennials do? The success of co-living is built on gradients of publicness. From private, through semi-private and semi-public, all the way to public, co-living complexes strike a balance between individual and

Art works: spotlight on Deustche Bank’s corporate art collection

  With nearly 60,000 artworks spread across 40 countries and 900 offices, Deutsche Bank’s Art Works is the biggest collection of corporate art in the world. The German investment bank’s global art program was launched in the late 1970s and has since become an integral part of Deutsche Bank’s values. The bank’s ‘Art Works’ collection

Coloured concrete in public spaces: a tale of warmth and character

Coloured concrete exudes warmth and character, both essential qualities to consider when designing public spaces. Dick Bruna House, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Photo by Douglas Johnston Concrete doesn’t always imply gray and cold. It can in fact take on a wide range of chromatic, textural and emotional complexions that elevate the aesthetic qualities of a building. From pastel

Northern Lighting: minimalist lamps for the common areas of your office

  The lighting scheme you choose in the common areas of your office, be it the reception or the waiting room, can make a world of difference for your tenants. Oslo Wood, designed by Ove Rogne. Photography: Chris Tonnesen Lighting in commons areas can be flexible, adjustable, direct or indirect; it can be subtle just

Wood-panelled office reception features living wall

Why should your office reception feature a living wall?

  An office receptions that features a green wall will not only set your space apart, it will also speak to the green tenant. It is a well-known fact that being around nature reduces stress. Ironically, it is also a well-known fact that an overwhelming majority of us spend most of our days stuck inside,

Washroom countertops: top 4 surface materials for your high-end office

  From marble, through Corian, all the way to concrete, washroom countertops are an essential ingredient for a high-end office washroom that wants to impress. Choosing the right countertop for your office washroom can be daunting and the abundance of choice doesn’t help matters. How do you stand out in a sea of options? What

Republic interviews Ted Jefferis

  Built on a desire to display the natural beauty of wood, Ted Jefferis’ furniture imparts organic, artisanal beauty. Ted’s family history is ingrained with design and woodwork heritage. The son of a classic boat builder, Ted took up studying at Oxford Brookes University, where he began to explore the concept of furniture as a scaled down

The world’s happiest offices: 5 secrets for a cool office

  An office is so much more than four walls and an array of desks – for many of us, it is a second home. In honour of International Day of Happiness, we take a look at the world’s happiest offices and ask ourselves – what makes a cool office? Does location matter? Is office furniture as

grow vegetables at the office

A vertical garden to grow vegetables at work? Yes please.

  Growing organic products at the office has never been so easy with wall-mounted Herbert, a mini vertical garden for your breakout area. Herbert is an innovative product that will quickly revolutionise the breakout area of your office. More than a green wall, Herbert is a smart wall-mounted garden that can host up to 15 plants.

7 reasons why you should start a corporate art collection

  There is a reason why larger businesses have a corporate art collection. From financial benefits to marketing opportunities, art in the workplace can go a long way. Corporate art collections are hardly a new concept. It all started with banker and philanthropist David Rockefeller, the father of modern corporate art collecting. In the late 1950s, Rockefeller

How can beacons help you manage a smarter office?

  Improved experiences and innovative navigation systems – the smarter office is underway thanks to tiny devices called beacons. This post is the first of a three-part series on workplace innovations. Beacons have already percolated into high-traffic spaces like airports, museums, stadiums and even retail stores. In recent years, this Bluetooth smart technology has also expanded to the

Loos with views: the smallest rooms with the grandest vistas

  They may be small, but their importance isn’t to be underestimated, for loos with views can lead to increased property value. Toilet perched over a disused 15-story elevator shaft, Mexico  Whether it be in the workplace, retail or hospitality, washrooms are a key expression of the company values. Organisations that value and understand the power of

Psychology of colour – what’s the best colour scheme for your office?

  Colours are powerful marketing tools, they affect mood, and boost productivity. But which colour scheme is right for you and how do you choose? Each colour affects us differently. Red affects the body, blue stimulates the mind, yellow influences emotions and self-confidence, and green ties it all together by nurturing a balance between mind,

Base – the magnetic desk that will help maximise your workspace

  Meet BASE – a customisable, multi-functional, magnetic desk that will set your office apart and increase staff efficiency. https://vimeo.com/211249887 Smart, cutting-edge and in keeping with the modern worker’s needs, BASE is a versatile desk with a simple but clever design element: a magnetic edge. A steel rail runs around the edge of the desk,

Ketra can add some natural light to your dark office

  Since the invention of Ketra, natural light in the darkest corners of your cavernous office is no longer a pipe dream. This post is the second of a three-part series on workplace innovations.  With its high-tech, dynamic LED technology, Ketra brings natural light into the built environment – not only that, it lets you

Emotional Light by Arturo Alvarez: sculptural lamps for a trendier office

  Somewhere between sculpture and lamp, Emotional Light is as poetic as it is innovative – a combination that may well stand out in your office reception. One of the most talked-about displays at the Euroluce lighting fair this year has been Arturo Alvarez’s lighting, inspired by nature and designed to evoke emotions. The exhibition,

Republic interviews furniture designer-maker Gareth Neal

  Some artisans value traditional craftsmanship, others praise digital manufacturing. Where Gareth Neal stands out is in his subtle manipulation of both at once. Hands-on furniture designer-maker Gareth Neal distinguishes himself by his blend of traditional tools with the latest computer controlled routers. This, combined with a fascination of historical techniques and aesthetics, roots Neal’s

Seven ways to add colour to your office

  Is your office lacking energy? Colour is an excellent way to liven up the workplace and infuse personality into your office environment. Skype offices, Stockholm. By PS Arkitektur Did you know there is such a thing as a fear of colour? It is called chromophobia and it can lead to panic attacks and different levels of

Mosaicomicro – eco glass tiles for your washroom

  100% recycled glass tiles have never looked so sleek. Choosing tiles for your office bathroom is as difficult as deciding which surface material is right for your washroom countertops. With the panoply of sleek, high-end washroom tiles available on the market, you might find yourself at a loss. We think eco glass tiles Mosaicomicro may well

Kyla McCallum working on a paper window display for Desso

Republic interviews Kyla McCallum from Foldability

  High-end origami meets interior design. Foldability is a London based design studio that creates bespoke installations, set design and interior products inspired by origami and geometry. Founded in 2013 by Scottish designer Kyla McCallum, Foldability works with brands to bring projects from initial conception through to final production. Kyla works with a diverse team of

Office glass manifestation: functional and creative solutions

  Whether it is to make a statement or reinforce corporate branding, glass manifestation has the potential to transform your office space. Glass manifestation is a requirement of building regulations (it is there to prevent you walking into a glass door or partition – nobody would want that), but there are ways to turn an obligation

How does an office fit out affect workplace performance?

  What is the secret to good office design? What are the benefits of a commercial office fit out and how does it affect workplace performance? Fitting out a new office might be the biggest, most expensive project your company will take on so it is important to be prepared and know your strategy and

Green leases: the benefits of going green

  Rising in popularity among corporate tenants, green leases are a true real-estate opportunity for landlords, and a promise to the environment. You might have heard of green leases and wondered if you should consider signing one. The answer is yes and the reasons why might surprise you. What is a green lease? First introduced in the

Should more offices swap stairs for slides?

  Playground equipment isn’t just for kids. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In recent years, this old proverb has weaved its way into the work culture where the importance of downtime has not only been recognised but also promoted. Box.net’s office reception slide. Architect: Fennie+Mehl More and more concerned with wellbeing in the

Office breakout spaces – a matter of collaboration

  Breakout spaces are an essential component of office design. All work and no play makes the office a dull space after all. Unsurprisingly, a breakout space was long thought of as a room where staff can take a break, but companies have been pushing the boundaries of this auspicious little space. Today, breakout spaces pride

Multi-sensory design – building for all senses

  Architecture is all visual, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Imagine you have just entered the lobby of a luxurious hotel. You gasp, in awe of its striking, eight-story high lobby, with a water feature cascading down at its centre and a soft pile carpet beneath your feet. Before you

Reception desk design – first impressions matter

  The reception desk is the face of a company. It comes as no surprise, then, that it should help promote its values and philosophy. They come in all shapes and sizes and their materials range from wood, through concrete, to marble. Some are minimalistic, others are extravagant but they all share one goal – they must

Creative restroom signage goes a long way

  Restroom signage is a great opportunity to break away from traditional communication tools and convey individuality. Wayfinding is crucial in public spaces – not only does it help users navigate through the built environment, it also gives the latter meaning. A successful wayfinding system relies on human behaviour and as such, particular attention should

Does your office washroom reflect your business?

How much influence can a space as small as a washroom have? After all, clients don’t come to your office to visit the restroom, they come to seal a deal. So why should landlords and tenants care about the quality of such an insignificant space? Because it is everything but insignificant. When a potential prospect

Green wall inside Slack's Vancouver offices

The green wall gains popularity in the workplace

  As the green wall becomes more and more present in the workplace, we take a look at some of the most inspiring offices that feature living walls. Last month, we discussed the benefits of green walls in your workplace. Today, we take a look at 15 offices that have used greenery to their advantage. Whether it be

Green with envy: the world’s most sustainable offices

  From wind turbines and CO2 monitors to foam flushing toilets and treadmill desks, sustainable office buildings around the world are raising the bar for innovation. Three years ago, Angela Loder, then an adjunct professor at the University of Denver and a researcher in health, buildings and urban nature, highlighted three key elements in the field of

Is the multipurpose staircase a solution to tired offices?

  Why choose a simple set of steps when you can opt for a staircase that doubles as a meeting space or breakout area? Stairs can be ubiquitous in the workplace, particularly for bigger companies with larger floor plans and open plan layouts. They are so popular because they are built with an obvious goal

The Rio side table will lend warmth to your office waiting area

  Luxurious and comfortable, the Rio side table strikes the perfect balance between corporate and homey. Current design trends show that commercial and residential design aren’t as far apart as they may seem. With 35% of our waking time spent at work, feeling at home while at the office is becoming a necessity for our

The history of coworking – how did we get here?

  A work trend long on the rise, coworking and the concept of office-sharing isn’t as new as you might think. ‘Coworking’ is on everyone’s lips nowadays, but how did this revolutionary concept come about and what caused the spike of the coworking movement? We went hunting for facts and compiled them into a brief

First impressions are the most lasting, especially in commercial real estate.

You only have seven seconds to make a great first impression –  or so you thought. In 2014, psychologists from the university of Glasgow, Scotland and Princeton, US, showed that a simple “hello” is enough. In other words, you may only have a tenth of a second to make a strong first impression. A tenth of

The sound of silence: pitch-perfect acoustics in the workplace

  Bad acoustics are a by-product of busy open-plan offices that continue to thrive. Is it time for a change? Fine-tuning the open-plan office Offices are inherently loud, open plan offices even more so. Loud conversations, phones ringing, keyboards clicking… Energy becomes dissonance and poor acoustics end up hurting wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

The Soft Office Collection: breakout furniture with a twist

  Functional breakout furniture with the comfort of a sofa. Designed by leading UK designer and manufacturer Boss Design, The Soft Office Collection consists of Cocoon, Cega and Shuffle – three design seating solutions that work together to create flexible spaces in the modern office, where breakout furniture can make or break a space. Created

A roundup of London’s best coworking spaces

  Premium location, designer furniture, hip eateries… London’s coworking scene has set the bar high. Makerversityat Somerset House London – coworking spaces for professional makers As the concept of office-sharing continues to thrive, coworking spaces in London are becoming ubiquitous. Stiff competition often leads to innovation with offices striving to stand out from a busy crowd by offering

Wallpaper Games – transform the common areas of your office

  Have you ever sat in a room, trying to fight boredom? Your clients probably have too. Design can fix boredom. This is the premise behind Wallpaper Games – an ingenious concept that promises to change the way we see the wallpaper. Forget aesthetics, geometric patterns and colour combinations. Instead, choose a partner and play

Acoustic panels for the office – a selection to inspire

  How can you soundproof your office in style? With the proliferation of open plan offices, acoustic management is quickly becoming an absolute necessity for offices, and a sweet opportunity to shine for the acoustics market. In the field of sound absorption, the workplace industry is spoilt for choice with acoustic solutions, be it panels,

The secret acoustic benefits of plants at the office

  Acoustic insulation in the form of lush green walls is a sound approach every landlord should consider. Phone chatter, obnoxiously loud conversations in adjacent cubicles (we’ve all been there,) printers, photocopiers, HVAC systems… all distract and make employees less efficient. There are several ways to remedy noise levels in the workplace – sound absorption and sound masking are increasingly

Office reception desk by Ron Arad

Can hotel lobbies inspire better office receptions?

  What happens when you walk into a hotel lobby, an office reception, or any space for the first time? We’ve all been taught never to judge a book by its cover. But let’s face it, we can’t help but jump to conclusions. Try as we may to rationalise and give someone the benefit of

Republic interviews Anna Rewinska from A:R

  Anna Rewinska is a London based creative whose work is an interpretation of the energy and texture enclosed in music. Since a very young age, Anna Rewinska has been interested in painting and drawing. She pursued this passion independently and through artistic education in both Poland and the UK at the London College of

Calling all landlords –  6 ways to improve your office reception

The office reception is the first space potential tenants will discover when they visit your space. If you want to make a good first impression (hint: you should), there are several ways to make the reception area as attractive and leasable as possible. Here are six ways you can improve, thus make your office reception

How can a detail oriented waiting area transform your office reception?

  A reception space with a neglected waiting area is as ineffective as it is senseless. By definition, a reception area is designed to receive, be it clients, business partners, prospects or visitors, it is the gate to your office and the reflection of your business. Now, let’s imagine you enter a spacious reception area with

Tenants want cycle provision at work. Are landlords listening?

  When will developers jump on the bandwagon and embrace a cycle-centric approach to office development? With its cycle superhighways, Crossrail for Bikes and Cycle to Work schemes, London wants — and seems to be trying hard — to become the next Copenhagen. Following a trend that is far from confined to Europe (New York

coworking space with a hygge vibe

Hygge at work – it starts with the landlord!

  Somewhere between cosy and sustainable, hygge at work can be fostered by office landlords as early in the process as a Cat A fit out. What is hygge? For all we know, you may have lived in a cave for the past year and missed out on the ‘hygge’ craze. That’s okay, welcome to

‘Workplace Wellbeing Special’ – 10 steps for a happy office in 2019

  Wellbeing is becoming a buzzword in the workplace industry, and with reason – it is an essential component of the modern office and a real focus point for most businesses in 2019! The workplace is not always a well-oiled machine, but studies have shown a clear correlation between wellbeing in the workplace and increased

in-office bike storage facilities

Cycling facilities at work: 5 factors to consider

Cycling facilities at work are becoming increasingly necessary. Here are 5 factors to help landlords and developers cater for a sustainable, profitable muff. Together with company culture, office standards are changing, and with incentives like the Cycle To Work Scheme in place, tenants are now turning to office landlords and developers for cycle provision in

Ljubljana chamber of commerce boasts biophilic design

What will the office of the future look like?

  From energy-saving to family-conscious, the office of the future will be greener, smarter, and undoubtedly more high-tech. Office design is changing fast. Designed to adapt to the workers’ needs, the office today wants to be open yet flexible. But what about tomorrow? What trends are bound to shape the office of the future? Hot-desking

Infographic: the evolution of office design

  From a linear office layout concerned with rank and manufacturing, to the human-centred workplace we know today, office design has evolved drastically in the past century. The office wasn’t always open-plan, nor was it always focused on collaboration and wellbeing. Heavily influenced by the manufacturing sector in the 1900s, office design has, indeed, jumped

Rockwell's unscripted furniture for Knoll

Unscripted: modular furniture for a smarter open-plan office

  Designed with the open-plan office in mind, Knoll’s Rockwell Unscripted Furniture is the epitome of modular furniture. Drawing inspiration from his background in theatre and set design, architect and designer David Rockwell recently created Unscripted furniture – a broad collection of modular furniture that promotes a community culture and activity-based working. Designed for US

apple park open-plan office

Rethinking the open-plan office – pros, cons, solutions

  Collaborative hive or disruptive arena? The open-plan office has long been at the heart of a heated debate. Strange as it may seem, there was a time when ‘open-plan’ wasn’t the norm. Although the first workspace to resemble an open-plan layout dates back to 1904, the open office as we know it truly boomed in

Eco-friendly carpet 101: the right choice for your office

  Landlords looking to up the value of their commercial properties should pay close attention to the green factor when choosing an eco-friendly carpet for their offices. ‘Eco-friendly’ is on everyone’s lips these days. Fierce competition among designers and manufacturers has placed carpet design in the forefront of sustainable flooring innovations. Whether it be area

Choosing your office flooring: 6 factors at play

  When it comes to office flooring, looking beyond the cost of your initial purchase can mean considerable savings in the long run. Comparing office flooring solutions for your business can sound like a chore, but weighing up the pros and cons is key in avoiding later headaches. Factors to consider vary from traffic, through maintenance,

What flooring is best for your office?

  Office flooring, like designer furniture and workplace innovations, is becoming an invaluable tool in the commercial landlord’s toolbox. In recent years, the floor has seen some of the most innovative materials and designs in creative workplaces. From warm to industrial, from sleek monochrome to bursting with colour, from stylish vinyl tiles to hipster concrete, office flooring has become