Restroom signage is a great opportunity to break away from traditional communication tools and convey individuality.

Wayfinding is crucial in public spaces - not only does it help users navigate through the built environment, it also gives the latter meaning. A successful wayfinding system relies on human behaviour and as such, particular attention should always be paid to restroom signage.

There are several reasons why universal toilet signs are not always the go-to choice for offices, restaurants or hotels.  

flamingo restaurant in Istanbul

Indeed, brands that opt for creative toilet signage are given a great opportunity to convey character and individuality. Likewise, landlords looking to up the value of their commercial property can rely on well thought-out restroom signage to stand out from the market. 

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In the design world, everything is in the details and smart commercial interiors have proven how critical those small, ostensibly insignificant design choices are.

In commercial real estate more than anywhere else, the magnitude of a well-kept restroom is not to be underestimated and a well-designed washroom goes hand in hand with a creative toilet sign. 

To prove it, here are several more images where restroom signage has been taken to a whole new level.

Mulini Beach, Studio 3HLD. Photo by Joao Morgado
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Novotel Hotel, Paris by Christophe Remy
PHOS Edelstahl Design
The Working Capitol, by Foreign Policy

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