A peek inside Swatch Group Moscow’s office washrooms

Colourful, bold and brimming with character, the office washrooms at Swatch Group Moscow make a statement about the company's creative background.

Swiss manufacturer Swatch Group is famous for its luxury brand watches and attention to detail and as such, ABD architects were entrusted with the task of creating new offices where elegance meets clean design.

While the reception area embraces minimalism with a light colour palette and wood panelling, the office washrooms tell a different story.

Starting with the most intimate space, ABD architects were given free reign on the restroom design. The result is a set of individual washrooms (complete with toilet and sink), each boasting a unique design and personality that brightens up the workplace.

Abstract patterns, illustrations and splashes of colour lend beauty to the tiling while the flooring is kept to a unifying grey. The architects also found pre-existing artwork from artists who had previously worked with Swatch and integrated it into the design. Smart, innovative and inspiring – everything an office washroom should be.

All photos: ABD architects