How to liven up your office reception using copper

Shimmering or weathered, polished or textured, man's oldest metal will bring elegance and warmth into your office reception.

A well-designed office reception is never an accident. But why is your reception area so important? Why should you invest time and money in it and what is so fascinating about copper?

The answer is simple. The reception area is arguably the most important part of your office because it is the first point of contact between you and your client. And since first impressions are the most lasting, a well-presented reception area is well-worth investing in.

brass magazine rack for the office
Copper Wire Triangle Magazine Rack by Rockett St George

Now that we know how crucial first impressions are, let's find out what your office reception could look like if copper were the running theme.

From furniture, through lighting, to accessories, you can use copper to liven up your office reception. But what is the secret to an elegant, well-balanced copper office reception?

copper jesmonite coffee table
Copper Nim Table by Pinch

Accents are the secret. And accents mean contrasts. A pinch of luxe here, a dash of warmth there... Use copper sparingly but cleverly and you will strike a balance between excessive and dull.

Mix copper with contrasting materials like stone, wood or smoked glass to create a variety of textures and styles, from Scandinavian minimalism to a mid-century vintage look.

copper mirror series
These copper mirrors by Hunter & Narud would add a touch of elegance to a modern office reception

Fill the corner of your office reception with a jesmonite and powdered copper coffee table by Pinch, grace your reception desk with a trio of freestanding copper, mild-steel and stone mirrors by Hunter & Narud and pepper the room with a selection of Tom Dixon's glass and copper vases.

As for lighting, opt for copper-spun pendants by Josie Morris, to be displayed alone or in a cluster.

Copper vases by Tom Dixon
Office accessories by Tom Dixon at Maison & Objet 2015 

And what if your furniture could multitask? Bisque's Arteplano radiator in etched copper looks less like a heat source and more like a striking wall art feature.

arteplano radiator in etched copper
Arteplano radiator in etched copper, by Bisque
copper handle pendants
Handle pendants by Josie Morris 

Paul Kelley's versatile BOB collection below also holds great appeal since it consists of a series of copper-clad, magnetic cubes that can be arranged and rearranged to create an infinite number of shapes and furniture items. Those include armchairs, coffee tables, shelves and even a set of stairs!

Paul Kelley's copper cubes
Copper cube chair by Paul Kelley

Of course, an article on office receptions would be incomplete without the mention of reception desks, not immune to the copper trend.

The copper reception desk pictured below sits in contrast with the concrete decor and adds a significant touch of warmth to an otherwise gray-filled office reception. 

industrial-style office with copper desk