Northern Lighting: minimalist lamps for the common areas of your office

The lighting scheme you choose in the common areas of your office, be it the reception or the waiting room, can make a world of difference for your tenants.

scandinavian style floor lamp for the common areas of your office
Oslo Wood, designed by Ove Rogne. Photography: Chris Tonnesen

Lighting in commons areas can be flexible, adjustable, direct or indirect; it can be subtle just as much as it can be the centrepiece of a space. It all depends on the activities and needs you will be catering to.

Does your reception include a waiting area? Could you turn this into a micro-living room, complete with an inviting sofa and a striking floor lamp? Could your breakout space benefit from a well-lit reading nook or a set of informal meeting spaces?

Curating what goes into the common areas of your workspace can make a world of difference for your tenants. 

How do you decide on what lighting scheme to go for?

minimalist ceiling light
Above, the light you can look up to. Designed Morten & Jonas. Photograph: Chris Tonnesen

The key to curating an office reception, breakout area or even a lift lobby, is to have a leitmotif, an cohesive overarching theme that will tie everything together. In this article, our theme is minimalism – Scandinavian style.

As their name indicates, Northern Lighting products draw inspiration from the functional minimalism ingrained in Scandinavian design. Smart, elegant and easy on the eyes, Northern Lighting lamps bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality and bring something new to every space they sit in.

From pendant lights, through floor lamps, to wall lights and even table lamps, they are designed to enhance the quality of ambient light. No harsh, neon lights to repel prospects off. Northern Lighting is all about soft, diffused lighting that creates a soothing yet striking environment, perfect for those who wish to make a statement from the onset.

Diva floor oak lamp
Diva, designed by Peter Natedal & Thomas Kalvatn Egset. Photograph: Colin Eick

Northern Lighting came to life in Oslo in 2005, and its products are crafted in collaboration with designers from all corners of the world. This diversity is well reflected in the range of forms and styles they offer yet somehow, every single design is guided by the same Scandinavian minimalism.

Whether you want to illuminate your reception area with elegance and style, uplift the dull corridors of your office or class up your breakout spaces, we believe Northern Lighting will help you achieve that minimalist high-end look.

We're definitely inspired. Are you?

Opening photo: Dokka, designed by Birger Dahl. Photograph: Colin Eick